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|| TIP TUESDAY || Welcome to this completely unoriginal and really cliche thing I'm doing at Miracle​ called Tip Tuesday. I can sense all the eye rolls from here people. I know how it is. As if your life isn't full of enough "experts" passing on their super "helpful advice" when it comes to all things parenting already. Well let me assure you, these little tidbits will be unlike all the other pearls of wisdom gone before. Mostly. I promise to keep it totally random, obscure and not always parenting related. Which, coincidentally, is just like my parenting.

First up, apparently some nutters cut open their Sophie the Giraffes a while back and went into a frenzy about all the mould they found inside. Let's break this down people. There is a teeny tiny hole in your Sophie which is how her cute wee squeak is made. So here's the thing, if you submerge our lanky little friend in water, water will get in and have a hard time getting out. Mould grows in dark damp places, like the bottom of the shower and duh, inside Sophies that have been submerged in water. So check out this info on how to clean the old girl. I'll give you a clue. It involves surface wiping her and not putting her in water.

DISCLAIMER: It is unlikely that I will actually manage great wisdom such as this every week, so please don't do anything silly like rely on it to remember to take your contraceptive pill when Miracle's Hot Tip pops into your inbox every Tuesday.

Hang on a minute, it is actually Tuesday isn't it?

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