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This little vegemite was back at the doctor today with her fourth case of tonsillitis this year. It's actually her third round in about four weeks. Technically that is probably all just the one pesky long and lingering case but in the name of a referral to have them removed, we're calling it three. 

Obviously, this is a concern.

She is uncomfortable but she is actually pretty staunch when it comes to pain. She hates pamol and prefers to just suffer in her jocks. Fully weird but I anticipate that she'll be a machine when it comes to hangovers and giving birth.

There are all the usual logistics to deal with too. Juggling days off school with work commitments and negotiating with the ex about whose turn it is to stay home with her (my fave thing to do).

But the most concerning (well annoying) thing is that when she gets sick, she basically just turns into an ill tempered feral little minx. She is surly, contrary and makes sure we all know it. I can't even bring myself to tell you what she called her unsuspecting little sister the other day. 


What are your tips for keeping the little ones healthy over the winter? She is taking a probiotic to counteract all the antibiotics but I feel like she needs something else. A personality transplant isn't out of the question but she's usually so fabulous, I'd hate to see all the good bits go too.

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