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With the new season Jamie Kay launch about to happen at 11am this Friday, I thought I'd treat you to a wee list of tips on how to be Jamie Kay Songbird Collection ready.

Put in for leave on Friday and if you can't get it start doing the ground work now to pull a sickie. Fake headaches, pretend sniffles, complain that your period is due and how crampy and ghastly they've become since you had kids. That kind of thing. Otherwise just pop out for a long poo around 10.50am.

If you're at home with the kids, find an enclosed space to put them in so they won't interrupt. This is one of those "screen time is ok in moderation" moments.

Charge your device. In fact charge them all, just in case.

If you don't have it already, get your provider to install fibre to your house in the next 24-36 hours. Shouldn't be a problem.

Make sure you've got plenty of mulla on the card. Don't worry, your husband/partner will totally understand the need to eat baked beans for a week just so you can get the new season tights in four different colourways. Don't skip the wine bottles in the trolley though. Nobody needs to get ridiculous.

Be a teeny weeny bit flexible. If you think the Royal Wedding was yuge, I gotta tell you its got nothing on a Jamie Kay new season release. This stock is going to go gang busters so be prepared for the fact that you might have to sacrifice your dream order / instagram photo shoot and purchase a size bigger or smaller or even a different colour (outrageous I know).

Be kind to your favourite little retailer (Miracle). Bear with us for probably not having ordered enough and not exactly everything you wanted. I assure you we are doing our very best with this new brand and the associated mania. In 10 years, I've never known anything like it! It is a work in progress for us and we'll do everything we can to top up stock to meet demands. We're really sorry if something sells out by 11.01 or if our stock levels accidentally get out of whack.

If we have some of what you want but not all, please, please order what you can through us! The more we sell the more I am able to order next time. I'd love to be able to say I've got the entire range coming and loads of it.

Mums of boys - don't stress. There are more colourways coming in the bodysuits in July and henleys and some knitwear.

Be reasonable with your fellow Jamie Kay fans. It's just clothes and I have a sneaky feeling they'll make more.

Love Jamie Kay but love you more!

See you Friday at 11am.

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