|| TIP TUESDAY #16 ||

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You know how we live at the bottom of an island only 4,277 kilometers from Antarctica? And how you need brollies, sunhats, sunscreen and raincoats in the boot of the car at all times? But mostly just brollies and raincoats? And you know how all the new season summer gear hits the shops in August but you’re all still freezing your patooshkies off scampering from the bathroom to the fire to get dressed and putting your pjs under the sheets to get warmed up by the leckie blankie before you put them on at night? Oh and paying about $60 million dollars a month on power until at least November? Well now call me a genius, but my tip for you this Tuesday, and you can thank me later, is to SHOP THE WINTER SALE!

Believe it or not, not everything we stock in the winter is made from merino or wool. We have loads of fabulous styles on sale that are simply cotton with long sleeves – the perfect weight for the coming changeable and ever so slightly less than freezing months. And for bargain prices too.

I added some new items today so shop the sale and feel smug about keeping those little bods warm when the temps are still single digits and the shops are full of nothing but shorts, sandals and sarongs. It's sah wrong. And for an additional smug factor you can spread the damage out over 6 weeks with Laybuy and still have money for the essentials like flat whites and hot water.

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