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TIP TUESDAY #3 (look at me go)

Are you over the scramble to get out of the house in the morning? Does everybody tear around in a frenzy of scarcely brushed teeth and bed hair, "get your shoes on" and cold cups of tea?

I have tried EVERYTHING to try and make the mornings run a little more efficiently in our house. I've tried getting myself up earlier, getting them up earlier, getting them up later, incentives (bribery) like marbles in the jar and pocket money, laying out their clothes and not laying out their clothes, doing everything for them and not doing everything for them, speaking calmly and asking them to do things efficiently, screaming about how lucky they am I don't have a boss who will fire me for being late every day and so on and so on. You know what I'm talking about. We've had tears, tantrums, the silent treatment, hiding in bedrooms, name calling and running away. And that's just from me. 

Those of you who know me will be aware that I ain't no Pinterest perfect mum. My children's bedroom walls are currently bare and the last time I crafted anything was in Form 2 sewing. I'm fairly sure it ended up in the bottom of the bin minutes after I brought it home. I only just put up a bookshelf that has been brand new in a box for over 2 years and I personally contributed 3/4 of the images for the 59 + Pinterest Best Epic Cake Fails of all Time post. 

But recently I saw something on Pinterest that I thought might just do the trick. A magnetic board with the list of jobs on one side and little magnetic counters that they can move across once they have competed a task. I have two bright, wonderful, determined and capable little girls so I figured this would to appeal them and give them a sense of responsibility, control and achievement. Win, win! Responsibility and control because they can check in themselves with what is next on the list and choose which order they do things and achievement as they move each of the magnets into the done column. Effing brilliant. 

So, I went to the Warehouse, bought a board and magnets and set it up. Total cost $14. I went to bed super excited at the prospect of becoming the world's best mother and an overnight Pinterest sensation. I was even contemplating the title of the book that I would inevitably be asked to write. 

If you want to feel equally as smug, just follow these simple steps below;

1) Purchase magnetic board and magnets
2) Hang it up (crookedly) at kids' height
3) Explain to children how it works and get them to repeat back so you know they've understood
4) Bask in the glory of your top mum-ness
5) Sit back and watch them fight for hours over who should have which colour magnetic counter, watch them rip it off the wall and lose the tiny nails that came with it so you can never hang it back up again, watch them rub it all out and use a permanent marker on it for silly drawings and misspelled swear words, watch them use the magnetic counters to have a tower making competition and when the fight ensues about who the winner was, watch them throw them across the kitchen floor and send most of them skidding under the kitchen appliances never to be seen again 
6) Enjoy still be late getting out the door and for work with the added bonus of a cloud of defeat hanging over you for the rest of the day.


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