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With Lamingtons arriving in store yesterday and loads more merino to come, it seems timely to talk about pilling and how to reduce it.

Pilling is caused by friction, the rubbing against another fabric or surface. So because babies and kids are fidgety little turds, short of putting them in a straight jacket (not an unattractive proposition), there isn't really a way to avoid pilling altogether. 

Pilling will especially occur when little ones are on the go or when they're sleeping. Which basically means ALL THE TIME. Because if they're not sleeping or on the go, what the hell else are they up to? Eating I guess. But even my 6 year old can't eat sitting still. 

To reduce pilling, try washing the garments inside out in one of those bra bag thingys that were invented but literally never get used for their intended purpose. 

You could also turn items inside out for sleeping. 

Or give them the odd shave with your lady razor. Another example of an item invented and rarely used for its intended purpose. 

But go easy. Think breezy summer mid week top up shave not industrial strength late winter nearly spring forrest hack.

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