|| TIP TUESDAY #6 ||

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Crikey, I've been so busy unpacking stock and preparing for the mammoth weekend ahead, I almost didn't have time for Tip Tuesday.

Lucky for me, Tip Tuesday is cottoning on and spreading far and wide and recently I even had a lovely customer and #topmum message me an exceptional tip.

"Leave all the dinner time peas your child drops on the floor until the end of the week. That way they get hard and wizened and you can vacuum them up without smearing them all over the carpet and they also make a deeply satisfying rattle".

Preach girlfriend. Spoken like a true mum. 

I am sure you'll all agree, this tip is sensational.There is nothing in this world more satisfying than the sound of the vacuum vacuuming up stuff and we've got to take the thrills where we can these days. 

Feel free to drop me a tip anytime. I'd love a stash of guest tips for those weeks I am under the pump or just plain can't be bothered.

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