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|| TIP TUESDAY #7 || Well frigiddy dig it's cold. Like proper see your nips through your top freezing. 

Apart from scooting down the hallway naked for a wee in the middle of the night, I actually love winter. And I especially love winter time at Miracle

Maybe it's because my first born was a winter babe and I have super fond memories of the early days when she was all wrapped up in merino, feeding by the fire and not talking back yet? Or maybe it's because the products are just so goddam delicious? Merino, knitwear, jackets, hats, boots. So scrumbo. 

With the change in the weather, we have been selling SO MANY BOOTS. Honestly, errrrryday's like boots, boots, boots. 

Now it's no secret that kids are hard on shoes. There is nothing quite like paying $80 odd of your hard earned cash on a pair of beautiful new leather boots for your wee one only to watch the little turd use them for brakes on their scooter that very same day. So to give them a fighting chance, I thought I would share some tips on how to care for the kids' leather boots this winter. 

FYI I've listed the options from hardest to easiest and some of the advice has been blatantly plagiarised from the Bobux website. I'll let you figure out which bits. 

1) Don't let the kids out of the house for the entire winter. This is definitely the least desirable option and most likely to not end well. Possibly even in murder but almost certainly lots of swearing. 

2) Avoid fully immersing the leather boots in water. Try telling that to your tornado. I mean toddler. If the kids do end up knee deep in a pesky puddle, dry the boots naturally, away from direct sunlight. This shouldn't be too hard for Dunedin in the winter time. 

3) Polish the boots every couple of weeks (yeah right) with a natural polish such as beeswax to keep the leather soft and protected. Beeswax will also provide an element of protection from water and it's really neat to get out of hair and shag pile carpet. Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing beeswax over affected area. Avoid mistaking it as an ointment for other affected areas. 

4) Give in to the fact that kids will be kids. Pat yourself on the back for buying them the best quality podiatry approved footwear on the market and to hell with the odd bit of scuffing. 

And in case there's any doubt, option 4 is both my personal preference and my professional recommendation. 

The Winter 2018 Bobux New Zealand & Australiacollection is available in store and online at Miracle and I am happy to take customer orders if you have your heart set on something we don't currently have in store.

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