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There’s been a post doing the rounds again on Facebook that caught my attention the other day. You’ve no doubt all seen it - ”How to support a small/local business without purchasing a thing”. The tips offered are quite simply these three things;

1) Comment on their posts regularly – even if it is just an emoji

2) Share their posts

3) Instead of just liking use the ❤️ or 😮

This is really great advice. And I could end this TUESDAY TIP right here.

But I'm not going to. 

Look, I understand that you can’t always shop here at Miracle. Tight budgets and seasonal ranges mean we don’t always carry exactly what you are looking for (it’s like cooking tea - impossible to get it right for everybody every time), sometimes the pennies just don't stretch that far, the P5 out the front was occupied, we weren’t open, the kids are too big. I get it. I really do.

But do you know what else I get? I totally get that so many of you wholeheartedly support and love this little business, even if you can’t shop here all the time. I literally feel the love and support every single day. I know that you shop here when you can and that you are all rooting for Miracle from the sideline. I 100% know this to be true and I cannot thank you enough.

Now the more I get the hang of this adulting thing, the solo mum adulting malarkey in particular, the more I recognise there is no shame in asking for help. Your friends, family and community all want to help you. And there is no such thing as “help debt" because these things just naturally wax and wane. 

So I am going to ask you, my wonderful Miracle community to help me - without spending a cent. You are always more than welcome to do that too of course. Dollars are even better 😉.

With the recent changes to Facebook algorithms (or whatever the hell they’re called) – it is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to reach a large organic audience. We currently have 3,333 super engaged and fantastic followers of our Miracle Facebook page but I have set a somewhat ambitious target for the month of July of reaching 4000 page likes. 

If you want to support this little business, love our products, appreciate our friendly service, enjoy my Tuesday Tips or just generally dig our vibe – could you like (or ❤️ or 😮) our posts? Would you mind sharing our page or even popping up a review? 

You are the absolute best and I am so grateful for every single bit of support 🙏.

PS Shop our sale!


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