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|| TIP TUESDAY #8 || In a surprise Tip Tuesday twist I need to ask YOUR advice about something this week. 

When your kid spews in the night and you're cleaning it up, how do you manage the chunks?

My darling eldest daughter blew some major chunks over the bed and onto the floor in the early hours of this morning. Bless her for so conscientiously missing the bed. Not to mention the bowl and towellying next to her. 

Boom! I was bolt upright and wide awake, as you are in these situations. In full mum mode, I just launched straight into scrubbing the carpet with a cloth and a bowl of hot soapy water. But the wet cloth and the rubbing just lead to smooshing the chunky bits into the carpet. And of course because it was a ridiculous hour to be awake, I got to thinking.........

Do you attempt to pick up the peas and corn with a dry cloth first before scrubbing? 

What kind of cloth do you use for this? Or do you go all out with tongs or a spoon?

Or do you wait for the chunks to dry a bit and then remove them?

Also, as the adult in the situation, do you make dramatic gagging noises and go on and on about how gross it is in front of the poorly child or do you just say "oh my poor wee pet, don't you worry, mum's got it under control" and make sure they're comfortable and cleaned up enough to go back to sleep? 

PS I googled it and found a 12 step guide with pictures. It involves gloves, scooping up wet fresh chunks with a paper plate, covering the area in baking soda or cornstarch, leaving it 10-15 minutes to dry and then vacuuming it up.

So as with most decisions made around 4am, it looks like I got this one horribly wrong. But at least now I know for next time. Like tonight when the rest of the family comes down with whatever it was. Luckily I have some paper plates left over from the last birthday party. 

PPS Sorry for tricking you into thinking it was a post about a school holiday marble painting craft idea. As IF.

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