Sam recommends...


Nature Baby has to be one of my favourite New Zealand brands. We have been stocking it for as long as we have been open. (nearly 9 Years eeek!!)

Becoming a parent is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time. Everyone will give you their opinion on what you will need and not need for those early days. In my personal experience I found investing in good quality organic cotton and merino items was money well spent. My Nature Baby items that I used with baby number one who is now 6 is now worn and in great condition on baby number three. 

I like to layer.  I start with a cotton singlet, then either a merino or cotton bodysuit. Teamed with Nature Baby's drawstring pants and merino essentials long sleeve tee. .

I always do at least one layer domed under the nappy and start with cotton next to the skin. 

Every season when we receive the new collection, we say that this is the best season we have had! But this season I think it actually might be!