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WHAT: Join Dunedin comedian, entertainer and yarn spinner Harriet Moir and for CHIP - The Comedy Experience.

WHEN: Saturday August 31 at 7.30pm (doors open at 6.30pm)

WHERE: Repertory Invercargill, 167 Esk Street

You know how we’re all basically just like potatoes, all different shapes and sizes and varieties? And how some people are potato salads and get taken to fancy parties and BBQs and live the high life but they're a wee bit cold and some are all warm and mashed and comfortable and served with sausages? And some are all chopped up and plunged into vats of hissing and bubbling oil but they come out chipped but deep fried and extra delicious? Well, this show is about that. I just added some salt (to the wounds) and a wee bit of sauce.  

Please note - you do not need to print or collect tickets, there'll just be a list at the door.