Merino Singlet Bodysuit Cream

Merino Singlet Bodysuit Cream

Merino Kids

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  • The Merino Kids Singlets are a must have in every child's wardrobe and are so versatile they can be worn every day... all year round!
  • •Crafted from 100% natural pure merino wool for safer newborn sleep.
  • •All season versatility.
  • •Merino regulates body temperature so baby won't overheat or wake up chilled.
  • •Comfortably lightweight, luxuriously soft, allergy-safe. No polyester.
  • •Crossover neckline so fabric stays clear of face.
  • The Cocooi Newborn Baby Singlet Bodysuit is crafted entirely from 100% natural superfine merino wool to help newborn babies sleep safely in natural comfort.

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